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Expiring Videos - Saves Storage For You#62


Most of my videos are temporary videos and okay if they die or expire in 90 days or 365 days… Most of my team watches them once or twice and thats it.

Would be beneficial to have a default setting where if you wanted to…. you can set a default expiration on your videos where they delete after like 180 days or 365 days or something like that. Keeps the account clean too… and helps your stage space since for me I really dont need those videos forever and we get lazy cleaning up the account, but if they expired on their own after 180 days or 365 that would be fine too… and of course some videos would be nice to have there for a long time, but its just an idea for those videos that are less important…

Just an idea…

10 days ago

This option in on cloudapp, works well.

10 days ago