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Live interactives guides#55 and actually show guides live on websites by tellingpeople where to click
This is the next level

2 years ago

This is such a cool feature a must

a year ago

Just my 2 cents but I feel like that is a competely different type of tool then what Komodo is, and is more of a complete pivot rather then an addition to what they are building.

a year ago

Those look pretty cool! Does kinda feel like a different product then Komodo so far, but I like it

a year ago

Incredible suggestion, I definitely would love to see such a feature come to Komodo if at all possible!

a year ago

It’s not a totally different tool, for Arcade for example, that would just mean combining the “steps” of a Komodo guide into 1 iframe and making them clickable!

a year ago

any update about this feature ?

8 months ago