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Version 2.0.6 cant be installed since Bitdefender blocks it immediately.#344

As soon i want to update to the latest version (thats the message i got when opening komodo), it downloads the update from this link:

When opening that package, Bitdefender is generating a lot of warnings and starts to cleanup a lot of files.

I have added a screenshot of one of the messages.

One of the another messages i see:
Bitdefender moved a threat to quarantine. File name: C:\Users\Lenovo Thinkpad T14\AppData\Local\Programs\komodo-electron\Komodo Screen Recorder.exe. It is recommended that you run a System Scan to make sure your system is clean.

a month ago

just retried it. But Windows Smart Screen already shows a message that the installer is not trusted.

a month ago

Yes, this is an issue :( We are looking into this.

16 days ago