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Ability to convert a video into a step by step guide#33

Can we do something like this

a year ago

Really neat idea. Thanks for sharing.

a year ago

This would be a great feature to have.

a year ago

Excellent idea. I strongly belived Komodo can do all that. I hope more user can see this and vote in favor. There are a lot of similar functions but I think the abilithy to edit the screens and add numbers is very clever. In addition the PDF export or embeding is also pretty good.

a year ago

My #1 ask, would be this feature! If Loom and could have a baby and convert guides into step-by-step videos. Like this:

that would be the Komodo holy grail of screenshot tools. Komodo can already record clicks and take screenshots to create guides. If you could just add the ability to combine multiple screenshots into small gifs and be able to embed the guide as a mini step by step gif walkthrough that would be amazing!

Use Case:
If Komodo is being used for SOPs, because UIs and processes of the tool being recorded change over time the video recording will eventually need to be remade. For SOPs, the current Komodo guide feature is a great option, because you can switch out the screenshots when something changes.

But takes it one step further and lets you create mini animations to condense steps, that are easy to change/futureproof, and are interactive to the viewer.

I would love to see this in Komodo, so that video recordings can be used for short term events, like one off emails, and a more interactive guides can be used for long term needs, like SOPs.

a year ago

From the video shared, I like how you can copy all the steps and paste them elsewhere (e.g. Notion)

3 months ago