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Self-imposed timer limits#320

Dear Komodo Decks team,
Thank you for a great product. I’ve introduced screencasting in my financial analysis and due diligence work and it helped me to get to faster responses from clients.
One of the things I thought of is that it would be nice to have is a self-imposed timer limit for each type of a screencast (set before recording). While it probably matters less for guides, a well-scripted within limited message is very important in transaction pitches and marketing cold calls or courses.
Thank you. I hope more people find your product and discover its benefits.

3 months ago

Thanks for the tip!

3 months ago

If I am understanding this right, I would agree and love the ability to set a timer for the recording. I had a meeting or class that is not recorded that I needed to record because I could not attend the whole class and wanted to watch it later, but when I cam back to the recording it was many hours of recording later. If I could set the time limit to record, that would be helpful so I could set it for 1 hour or 1 and a half hours. and not end up with a 12 hour recording.

a month ago