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AI Summarizer#273


It would be great if there was an AI transcriper/summarizer added so that after the video is recorded, there is an AI generated bullet point of the key points/highlights of the video.

6 months ago

Hi we are looking into this. Just a question - what would it help you accomplish if a summary was added? I know.. an obvious question - but would like to hear your point of view.

4 months ago

Hey Khanan, thanks for your response. Here’s my take/use case:

  1. Most of the time when I’m recording a video for a person or client, I’m explaining an issue and showing them the issue through the video or asking questions about what the client would want to achieve in a certain scenario. In both cases, I’m needing the input of the client. I’m sending these recordings over email, and 99% of the time they’re not recording a video back and sending it to me cause they don’t know how and can’t be bothered. To anchor them and give them something to respond to (instead of pausing and playing the video so they can type out/respond to my points), I’ve been manually adding in key points/questions from my video and writing them in bullet point format in email so they have something to respond to in email without much effort. I’m making it easier on them to respond so I actually get a response from them. So if there were an AI summarizer summarizing things in videos as bulletpoints, I wouldn’t have to manually type out my anchor points for clients to respond to, which I’m usually jotting down myself while I’m recording the video so I don’t forget.

  2. Some clients don’t watch the videos immediately and drop off the face of the earth so if there was an AI summarizer of the context of the video, I wouldn’t need to re-watch a 10-15 min video to jog my memory and get me back into the headspace of where I was when I initially made the video. I could just read a quick bullet pointed list of what I was talking about to put me there again. And, it would also be neat if those bullet points that are summarized are linked and could be clicked to go to the part of the video where I was talking about that specific thing so I don’t have to sift through it. Kind of like what YouTube has going on, but for YouTube it’s not AI/auto-generated, the channel owner has to put in the time codes manually. But I’m not a developer and I don’t know how hard that would be.

Those are my two cents. Hope that helps!

4 months ago

Hey @Paniz thanks for the detail!

I would like to encourage you to try a new feature we shipped: Page Builder. When you create a Komodo, click on the menu and enter Page Builder to create a mini-site of your recording. You have a lot of control there with how to structure content, including the ability to create text and insert an input field to collect responses. It’s not an AI tool - however wanted you to be aware it exists.

We will be looking closely to how we can leverage AI to summarize and provide follow-up points. Thanks for the tip!

4 months ago