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player looking like netflix or disney plus#258

The way the player looks is good but I think it could be better taking inspiration from the greats in the industry.

That square before plays it seems old fashioned to me. Also, it would be great to have the options 10 seconds forward 10 second rewind.

2 months ago

Also Wistia is doing a great job.

2 months ago

I also agree. The Player look a bit “OLD” in comparison to the competitors. I love how Loom has a friendly loom. On top of that, Sendspark Player is also sleek. The embed looks fantastic and looks great.

That’s the reason,

  • I am using Sendspark only for video embed on websites
  • loom for client works.
  • Komodo for general purposes.

@Khanan Grauer any hope regarding making the player UI more friendly? Please have a margin when the user lands on the page instead of the full width. Something like Loom. Because right now in wider display it looks weird when it has the full width by default

But again thanks a look for the hard work.

18 days ago

Thanks for the feedback! Agreed - it’s time to refresh the player.

16 days ago