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Add Searchable & Shareable Folders#25

Please consider adding a feature that you can share a folder for quests to see all videos and that allows for them to search the folder.

6 months ago

Specifically, the ability to use a folder(s) as a lightweight “tutortial knowledgebase” would be great.

I.E. “Here’s a link to the set of videos to use [folder name]” with a list of searchable video titles..

5 months ago

UPDATE: Once I followed the last line of instructions for using a custom domain that says “ Type in your custom domain in the browser and it will map to Komodo”, the back end was branded and my links all reflect my custom domain. It’s my opinion that this feature request has been completed and is fully functional.

ORIGINAL COMMENT: I just played around with this. For example, I could see this being useful to provide a “playlist” of videos for my website clients with all of the tutorials they need to manage their new site in one place.

While investigating, I was able to create a folder with some videos. However the issue I ran into is that the sharable link to the folder did not have my custom domain and branding. If I replaced the main domain portion of the link with my custom one, keeping all of the stuff at the end of the link, it worked beautifully.

So, I think it’s safe to say the functionality requested in this thread is there, but now the link provided to the folder just needs to have the custom branded link within it.

Here’s a video of what I am describing:

5 months ago

Hi @Jane Basom thanks for your feedback. What if you login to your custom domain site and share the folder from there? This way it will respect the domain in the copy link. Would that work?

5 months ago

@Khanan Grauer yes, I figured this out in the meanwhile and updated my comment above. Thanks for your attentiveness. I purchased a few weeks ago and am just now on my learning curve with setting it up today.

5 months ago